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Since 1931, the goal of Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery has been to select and grow hardy trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses that are acclimated to the unique growing conditions of the Rocky Mountain region. Our specialties include a great selection of Western Natives, Plant Select™ varieties, and some unique and hardy plants from the USDA Cheyenne Experiment Station.

Our people’s passion for plants has earned Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery a reputation as a leader in the Colorado Green Industry. That passion has inspired us to make many new introductions over the years.  We’re always on the lookout for the next great new plant – whether digging through catalogs and seed lists from other nurseries, exploring arboretums and botanic gardens, or even spotting plants in residential yards spotted while driving around town, we always aim to be on the cutting edge!

We’ve got it all from tried and true plants like Colorado Spruce, Aspen and Potentilla, to one of a kind native, fruiting, Plant Select® and Cheyenne Station varieties you won’t find anywhere else – if you’re looking for the best plants for the West, we’ve got you covered!

Current Wholesale Availability

Native and adaptable

Western Natives grown in the West.

Native plants (and their drought-tolerant, adaptable friends) are not only durable, hardy, and adaptable to our challenging climatic conditions, but they also are beautiful.  Their colors and textures have their own unique aesthetic vocabulary that inspires gardeners and designers to create their own unique western-style gardens.

The use of natives and adaptable plants also helps promote more sustainable landscapes.  They are adapted to the natural environment of the semi-arid western United States.  Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery is proud to offer a top-quality line of Western Native Plants.

Hardy Fruits

Beautiful and bountiful

During the first half of this century many kinds of fruit were grown commercially along the Front Range, as evidenced by many remnant apple and cherry orchards dotting the region.  Changing economic factors after WW II lead to a consolidation of production in the world’s most favorable climates, and commercial production virtually ceased here. 

While our climate is at times challenging to the gardener, there are many excellent fruiting plants available that can provide delicious fruit year after year with little effort.  Some of our favorites are the small fruits (Grapes, Raspberries, Currants and Gooseberries, even Nanking Cherry), as well as hardy fruiting trees like Apples, Sour Cherries and Plums, which can be seamlessly integrated into any landscape planting.  They offer not only sweet fruits, but many have multiple season of ornamental interest as well.

Local selections

Plant Select® & Cheyenne Station plants

We are proud to offer two unique collections that have strong local origins:

Plant Select® is a cooperative program administered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University in concert with horticulturists and nurseries throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. The purpose of Plant Select® is to seek out, identify and distribute the very best plants for landscapes and gardens from the intermountain region to the high plains.

Also, from Cheyenne, Wyoming is one of our regions greatest horticultural treasures, the former USDA Horticultural Field Station now known as the USDA High Plains Grasslands Research Station.  Even though the research and funding for woody plants was discontinued, over 200 species of hardy trees and shrubs have survived on natural precipitation and with minimal care for over 30 years.  Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery has many treasures to offer from this collection.

Our Quality is Your success

Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery has a unique position in the wholesale nursery market in our region.  We are both a grower and distributor, and we service nurseries, garden centers, growers, landscape contractors, urban forestry professionals, and public institutions.  We offer potted liners, container grown plants, and balled and burlap trees.  Our plants are grown-on, sold retail and re-wholesale as finished material, and are used for landscaping.  Our tagline summarizes everything we do – Our Quality Is Your Success.